What We Do

Here are some of the energy efficient technologies that we offer all our clients, lets work together to understand which will be the best for your home.


Our multi-skilled team of experienced architects will design any style of home which focuses on the highest standards to give real future energy savings. Our team will work with you throughout the design process, and develop your highly energy efficient architecturally designed dream home.


Our construction team will build your home to outperform energy efficiency standards set out by current regulations. Our team understands sustainability and has a unique attention to detail which focuses on a buildings weak points that any standard builder would otherwise not consider.

Demo & build

If you are happy where you live or have found an old house you may want to demolish we at Carbon Homes can take care of all your demolition needs and build your brand new energy efficient home. Contact us and we will guide you through the process.


If you are looking at subdividing or developing a new site we can work with you to develop the most sustainable design. For Duplex, Triplex and Multi-Unit developments, we have designs ready to go or our team will work with you to maximise your development opportunity.

We utilise the latest in energy efficient technologies to ensure your home is build to the highest specification and will be future-proof.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels (PV)

Solar PV produces electricity using a collection of thin slices of cells which use the photovoltaic effect to convert light energy to electrical energy. We only install quality products and can assist in calculations to size your system and battery pack to significantly reduce your electrical consumption. Photovoltaics can be incorporated into virtually every type of home, as long as the building is not significantly shaded. Photovoltaic cells can be mounted or integrated on roofs to maximise the amount of sunlight available.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems use panels which trap the energy from the sun to heat your water. The systems can be installed to reduce your electrical or gas consumption saving you money on heating bills. Carbon Homes can fully integrate this system into your home to reduce your bills from day one.

Perfect Home Control

We can install intelligent systems into your home which can control your AV, Lighting and Security systems via one centralised touch screen controller. We can provide climate control, blind control and energy management. The inclusion of these everyday functions means that your new control system can simplify your home living. Our eco friendly home builders can design and commission your home control system ready for you when we handover your dream property.

LED Lighting

We use the latest technology in lighting in all our homes. Our LED lights are energy efficient, cost effective, durable and eco friendly.

Our lighting significantly reduces the electricity used in the home as LED uses only 15% of the energy a standard halogen uses. LED lights have a much longer life span so you have reduced maintenance costs as they can last up to 8-10 times longer than standard lamps.

LED lamps are less likely to break as they are durable and have no filaments so can withstand a greater intensity of vibration and shock than standard lights. LED is an eco-friendly form of lighting as they do not contain mercury or other harmful gasses or emit any harmful UV rays.

High Efficiency Glazing

We believe high efficiency glass and window systems are a crucial part of your low carbon home. Glass simply allows natural light to enter your home but if the correct products are not used or poorly installed your windows can waste a lot of energy and money. Carbon Homes only uses high efficiency glazing and we install to the highest standards which means energy is not wasted.
If glazing is not installed correctly, it can cost you significant amounts of money. Carbon Homes glazing system will save you money by increasing thermal performance whilst still allowing lots of natural light to enter your home.

Thermal Insulation

Insulation reduces heat loss and heat gain through the home building fabric. This has a significant impact on reducing energy for the whole home. As eco friendly home builders we use higher standards than required under the Australian Standard making your home highly efficient reducing the requirement for heating or cooling. High levels of insulation is incorporated into every Carbon Home; we install insulation within the floors, walls and roof. Good performance relies on careful detailing and good site supervision which is the speciality of Carbon Homes.

High Efficiency Air Conditioning

Only high efficiency air conditioning is used in Carbon Homes. We can install any type of system including wall mounted split systems and fully ducted systems. To save energy and provide excellent home heating and cooling, we only provide high quality systems. The system can be provided with Wi-Fi controls for wireless temperature control which is the new way to keep yourself comfortable and focused on the important things rather than your thermostat.

Water Savings

Water is a precious and limited resource and on average 40% of household water is used in the garden. Along with your home, this is one of the main focuses of low carbon homes and we consider alternatives that are suitable for all our projects;

  • Rainwater Collection System
  • Grey water collection system
  • Bore Hole assessments
  • Dual flush toilets
  • WELS Rated taps
  • Fully programmable reticulation system to ensure your run times are the most efficient.
  • Water wise plants which need less water and maintenance
  • Artificial Grass / Synthetic Grass Installation

Thermal Imaging Energy Audits

Carbon Homes carry out thermal imaging audits on all our homes as a standard and this is part of the extensive quality control process. Thermal imaging tests are carried out to ensure air tightness and energy efficiency when building or renovating a home. Significant energy can be wasted in poorly built properties ranging from air leakage through chimneys, attics and wall vents to badly sealed doorways, failing windows and missing insulation.

Most typical homes have a far higher rate of air leakage than necessary. This is caused by poor design and/or construction which allows air to leak in or out.

Without thermal imaging, the source of these drafts can be extremely difficult to detect and visualise.

We provide Thermal imaging energy audits to your new or existing property providing a report on how energy can be saved in your home.

Home Air Leakage Testing

Once your Carbon Home is complete an essential part of our energy efficiency process is testing for air tightness. This testing is not common in Australia but we believe it is a crucial phase of any build as the net result could significantly increase the energy performance of your home.

At all parts of our construction process reducing air leakage is considered. We focus on the sealing of key building elements such as windows and doors. To reduce leakage and energy consumption sealing of the building services penetrations is essential such as water pipes, drainage, gas pipes, lighting and cables. After our extensive installation quality control checks building air leakage testing will be carried out to look for gaps in the fabric of the building. If any are found they will be sealed prior to handover to ensure your home is as efficient as possible.

Want to learn more about our services or ready to start building the sustainable home of your dreams?