Low Carbon Containers

Shipping containers fully customised to suit your residential, industrial, offices, modular hotels and pop-up retail needs.

Sustainable affordable architecture

Low Carbon Shipping Containers provide solutions for sustainable affordable architecture. All our containers are fully customised to suit your Residential, Offices, Industrial, Modular Hotel and pop-up shop retail needs.

Our Shipping Containers can be fitted out to any specification and are extremely energy efficient. Each container is created in the fraction of the time and expense of a traditional home.

Our containers are quick to build, environmentally friendly, extremely strong, affordable and capable of Transport. If you have the land or just a design idea contact our team and we would be happy to work through design concepts.

Custom shipping containers

We have the ability to custom modify shipping containers to specific sizes and our high-performance products will be installed in all our containers.

We supply 10’ (3.05m), 20’ (6.09m), 40 (12.19m) shipping containers and can be supplied nationally across Australia.

Low Carbon Containers will arrange all aspects design, shipping, installation and certification to Australian standards. All our containers come with high performance windows and insulation as standard.

We will work through any other sustainable technologies that may be feasible for your project. We can arrange to supply and install any energy efficient or water saving system so you can really start sustainable living. Enquire about your shipping container home today. 

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