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interactive design

Solar Panels

Solar panels produce electricity and hot water using the energy from the sun. We can fully integrate this system into your home so you realize the energy and cost savings from day one.

High Efficiency Lighting

We use the latest technology in lighting in all our homes. Our lighting is energy efficient, cost effective, durable and eco friendly. Our lighting significantly reduces the electricity used in the home as LED uses only 15% of the energy a standard halogen uses.

Building Materials

We consider energy efficiency and sustainability when selecting all our building materials. Our homes have a selection of considered and blended palette of contemporary colours, materials, textures such as timber, concrete render and raw brick that seamlessly compliment any context.

Double Glazing

We install high efficiency glazing in all our home as window systems are a crucial part of saving you money on bills. Carbon Homes glass installation increases thermal performance allowing natural light to enter your home but not wasting energy.

Thermal Insulation

We use high efficiency Insulation to reduce the heat loss and gain through the home building fabric. This has a large impact on reducing energy for the whole home; Carbon Homes uses higher standards than required under the Australian Standard making your home highly efficient and reduces the need for heating and cooling.

Water Saving

Water is a precious and limited resource and on average, 40% of household water is used in the garden. Along with your household use, the garden is one of the main focuses of Carbon Homes. We consider all water saving alternatives for your home and garden in our design.

Double Garage

Selection of automatic doors from our range to match your home features with 2 controllers. Double Garage has high gyprock lined ceiling and concrete hardstand.

Paved Driveway

Selection of paved driveway up to to 6m long full width to match the style of your home.