Our Approach

Here are just some of the elements which are a key focus for our team.

At Carbon Homes we believe in working collaboratively with you to create your custom designed sustainable home. Our experienced architects and design team will guide you through every stage ensuring that create the home you dreams.

Our Process

Before we begin designing your home, we will arrange an introductory informal catch up to understand the design aspirations and answer any questions you may have. We aim to make building a simple process and we will explain the difference of building with us and how we can save you money for the life of your property.

Our Architectural team will to go through ideas and concept designs with you before the full design starts to ensure we all understand the design aspirations. We will work collaboratively with all our client to develop the home you want not just a standard layout. We will discuss your individual design brief to ensure we design the home to include your style and features.

When we have completed your design and gone through all your specifications will explain the cost and adjust the design to achieve your budgets. The next step is to prepare building contracts and the construction documentation for council approval.
Depending on the local authority, it is likely that you will require a development approval. We will engage our own Building Certification Consultants to deal with the application process and government departments to ensures a smooth and fast application process.

Once all the documents have been completed, we will begin working on your interior design. We want to provide interiors with a point of difference to make your property stand out and we will provide ideas and options for the inside and outside of your home.

When we have completed the design, which is tailored to your exact requirements, we will then submit the design for building license.

When we have received building approval, we will then commence the construction phase. The home building process will be planned and efficiently delivered using low carbon homes expertise in construction and engineering.

We will keep you updated throughout the building process and send regular progress reports. We will also invite you to regular informal meetings to explain each stage you will have a direct line to the Directors to discuss any issues as we are committed to ensuring the construction process is both successful and enjoyable.

After our extensive quality control checks your Carbon Home is now read. We will go through all the functions of your home and provide a detailed homeowners information pack which will include user manuals, set of plans, emergency numbers, warranties and keys.

Carbon Homes will provide support in all aspects of your home to ensure you are happy and comfortable from day one

Quality Control

We ensure we achieve our major principles through strict Quality Management Systems (QMS). As the pace of the building process increases so does the requirement of quality control, our rigorous QMS inspections are proven to reduce defects in sustainable design projects that are under construction.

Quality Control is a key part of the Carbon Homes process to ensure we achieve our high standards from concept to completion.

  • Improve build and finish quality
  • Reduce cost of any remedial works
  • Improve consistency
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Strict management of Sub-Contractors
  • Reduce fixed costs

Our Sustainable Difference

We leverage the latest emerging sustainable technologies in all of our design and build projects. This distinguishes us from your standard builder and results in lasting value for your home. Some of the technologies we use are listed below.  

  • Thermal Efficiency
  • Building Air Leakage Testing
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Solar PV
  • Double Glazing
  • LED Lighting
  • Home Control Systems
  • High Efficiency Air Conditioning
  • Sustainable Design & Construction
  • Water Efficiency