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With a passion for sustainability

Are You Ready To Future-Proof Your Forever Home?

Home Builders.

With a passion for sustainability

Are You Ready To Future-Proof Your Forever Home ?

Setting a new standard in the
construction industry that emphasizes
energy efficiency and sustainable living.

We are Carbon Homes, a residential building company on a mission to transform the construction industry through sustainable building. We hope to be catalysts of change and inspire others to lead by example for the sake of our planet and the future. As an Australian company, we know how it feels to take pride in our home and want to do everything in our power to protect it.

To create a carbon positive future, one home at a time.

  • At Carbon Homes, we help you create an energy-optimized dream home to help save your wallet and the world.
  • Carbon Homes works within your budget so that you can not only live sustainably but save money that would have been wasted on high energy bills.
  • We work collaboratively to create your own custom design so you truly feel at home.

As temperatures rise and energy prices skyrocket, environmental issues can seem overwhelming, especially when it’s becoming a threat to your home. Carbon Homes provides environmentally conscious people with sustainable solutions to residential building that will save your wallet and your world.

With a talented team of builders and designers, a collaborative atmosphere, and a dedication to doing the right thing, Carbon Homes is the solution to sustainable construction.



Carbon Neutral

The target of carbon neutral should be a minimum for us all, our aim is to offer a wide range of options within the construction budget which not only provide an energy efficient home but we also consider materials used and waste during the construction process.


Carbon Positive

Reducing energy demands by good passive design, energy efficient systems and appliances, our aim is to offer a wide range of products which not only provide an energy efficient home but also consider embodied carbon in the materials used.

What we do.

We provide a collaborative atmosphere and a specialized approach to help people build their forever homes with sustainability in mind.

Our multi-skilled team of experienced architects will design any style of home which focuses on the highest standards to give real future energy savings. Our team will work with you throughout the design process, and develop your highly energy efficient architecturally designed dream home.
Our construction team will build your home to outperform energy efficiency standards set out by current regulations. Our team understands sustainability and has a unique attention to detail which focuses on a buildings weak points that any standard builder would otherwise not consider.
Demo & build
If you are happy where you live or have found an old house you may want to demolish we at Carbon Homes can take care of all your demolition needs and build your brand new energy efficient home. Contact us and we will guide you through the process.
If you are looking at subdividing or developing a new site we can work with you to develop the most sustainable design. For Duplex, Triplex and Multi-Unit developments, we have designs ready to go or our team will work with you to maximise your development opportunity.

Our team of talented architects and designers help you customize the home of your dreams while ensuring optimal energy efficiency.

We believe each of us has an individual role to support our planet, as well as those we share it with.

At Carbon Homes, we value sustainability, energy efficiency, and human connection and are proud to provide solutions to those who want to make an impact.

All our properties are constructed over and above Australian standards with the future flexibility to add sustainable systems at any time. Our company was created by two like-minded individuals bringing together over 40 years of construction and engineering experience. Carbon Homes unique approach and strength comes from the dedication, skill and energy of our team; we aim to change the way Australia builds for the future.